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    ... and Rivals (Sugar Secrets, Book 2)

    By: Mel Sparke

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    Some secrets are just too good to keep to yourself"Truth or dare - is it true that your are considering cosmetic surgery to have your breasts enlarged?"What IS it about blokes, wonders Kerry? How come they always know which buttons to push to inflict the UTMOST humiliation?Sonja thinks that Kerry should stand up for herself more - give as good as she gets. Well, that's OK for someone who oozes self-confidence, but it's not Kerry, even if she is Sonja's best friend.Mind you, it's the same with Joe and Ollie. Great mates - total opposites. And, come to think of it, Joe didn't come off too well in the bottle game either, even though he is a bloke.Friends? Sometimes Kerry wonders if ANYONE is really on the same side.

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