100 Greatest Australian Singles of the '60s

100 Greatest Australian Singles of the '60s by David N. Pepperell
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Did the Little Boy Lost ever get found?
When The Carnival is Over, do you say Ciao Baby?
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Who would answer the Royal Telephone?

These and many other important questions are answered in this book.

David N. Pepperell & Colin Talbot are two Rock & Roll writers who were there!...and they answer this most important question:

What were the 100 Greatest Singles made by Australian artists in the 60s?

In the 1960's Australian Rock & Roll singles were as good as those made anywhere in the World.

Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs' "Poison Ivy" even knocked the Beatles off the top of the charts when the Fab Four were touring here in 1964! John Lennon was so amazed he asked to meet Thorpe in person.

This book attempts, for the task can only be attempted, to list the best 100 singles of that remarkable decade - the Sixties - by Australian artists.

Looking at this list, every genre of music is represented - pop, country, soul, folk, instrumental, psychedelic, ballads - all that diversity which drives our interest in pop music and glues us to our radios and record players.

We've tried to showcase the best, yet we expect there will always be some song that didn't make the cut that you the reader will regard as a glaring omission.
Well, that's the way the turntable spins!

Take a trip back to these classic records of the 60s to listen once again and remember those heady times when long hair and short skirts changed the world.
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2015
200 x 200mm

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