1,000 Years For Revenge by Peter Lance
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244 x 154mm
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The Untold Story of the Terrorists Who Eluded the FBI and the Two American Heroes Who Tried to Stop Them.

The shockingly revelatory story of the FBI's 12-year, pre-9/11 battle against terrorism, as told through the stories of three people on the frontlines; the world's most dangerous terrorist, and two Americans who fought against him from the beginning.

As American Airlines flight #11 hit the World Trade Center's Tower One and United flight #175 sliced through Tower Two, three strangers watched the events - and were not surprised. For years these three had been bound on a collision course: FBI agent Nancy Floyd, FDNY Fire Marshall Ronnie Bucca, and Rarnzi Yousef, a bomb-making terrorist whom an American judge once called "an apostle of evil".

Floyd, Bucca, and Yousef were soldiers on opposite sides of a more covert terrorist war - one that has been fought in hotel rooms, mosque basements, and backrooms in New York City and abroad for the past 12 years.

In this book - a work of groundbreaking investigation that reads like an international thriller - five-time Emmy-winning investigative reporter Peter Lance reveals the details of the 12-year search for Osama bin Laden's New York City terrorist cell, by an FBI plagued by infighting, misinformation, and negligence. Based on astounding evidence, only recently uncovered, this book holds revelations that promise to attract worldwide headlines, including exclusive evidence of an Al Qaeda mole in a highly sensitive government position in New York City.

FBI investigator Nancy Floyd spent four years working to gain the trust of a key Al Qaeda informant only to be falsely accused of sexual misconduct by her FBI superior and discredited within the agency. As a result the FBI failed to heed her warning, that a horrific terrorist threat loomed on the horizon.

Fire Marshal Ronnie Bucca tried desperately to convince the FBI of what he knew was the truth; that an Al Qaeda "mole" had infiltred a New York City government position and was gathering evidence for use in Ramzi Yousef's apocalyptic plans. Bucca would carry that knowledge with him on 9/11 as he rushed to his death, reaching the 78th floor of Tower One before it fell.

Drawing on first-person interviews with Floyd, Bucca and dozens of other players, as well as hundreds of pages of declassified documents from the FBI and foreign intelligence, Peter Lance presents an unparalleled work of investigative reporting and skiliful storytelling. The culmination of all the 9/11 books that have come before it - 'The Cell', 'Breakdown', 'See No Evil', etc. - '1,000 Years For Revenge' is the first complete story, told with the distance and acuity to bring a twelve-year labyrinth of shadowy events into focus.
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2003
244 x 154mm

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