201 Ways to Turn Any Employee Into a Star Player

201 Ways to Turn Any Employee Into a Star Player by Casey Hawley
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The only resource a manager needs to turn a problem employee into a top performer

201 Ways to Turn Any Employee into a Star Performer arms managers with the strategies they need to deal with the full range of employee problems--including tardiness, low-quality work, constant complaining, and much more. Consultant Casey Hawley's unique approach to personnel problems replaces harsh discipline with positive, goal-oriented tactics that turn failing employees into team players. This straightforward guide gives managers the tools and training to:

Identify problems before they become serious

Develop the art of constructive feedback

Deal with defensive reactions from employees

Understand which problems need to be managed and which ones don't

Uncover the cause of a problem and help an employee talk about it

Foster discussion in group conflict situations • Create goals for employee improvement

Follow up on employee progress
Publication Date:
30 / 04 / 2004

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