24: The House Special Sub-Committee's Findings At CTU

24: The House Special Sub-Committee's Findings At CTU by Marc Cerasini
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153 x 234mm

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The most ground-breaking TV show in years is now a book! For the show where every second counts, we've crafted a companion where every detail counts.

- Jack Bauer's complete grand jury testimony
- David Palmer's transcripts and interview statements
- Internal prosecution memos
- Autopsy reports
- Previously sealed files

This past season, CIA agent Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland) had us glued to our TVs and cursing the time clock as he uncovered a plot to assassinate presidential nominee David Palmer. With jut 24 hours to identify the killer, Bauer also had to deal with the kidnapping of his wife and daughter and the existence of a mole at the agency.

Shot to unfold in real time (literally minute-by-minute) the series presented this 24-hour period over the course of one season. Not only did addicted fans watch all 24 hours, but they also kept the Internet abuzz with all kinds of theories, strategy guides, episode summaries (just to keep all the plot twists straight) and reviews - all of which were raves!

The book contains detailed interviews with the civilian survivors; transcribed debriefings with CTU agents; previously sealed files on Jack Bauer's related undercover activities; the arrest, detainment and transport records of Victor Drazen; dossiers on his cronies Jovan Myovik and Mishko Suba among others. Many of these details, not revealed in the first season, may affect the outcome of the second.

In essence, this book and the Sub-committee's findings are destined to be enlightening, incriminating and integral to the whole '24' viewing experience!
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2003
153 x 234mm

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