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    362 Belisle St

    By: Susie Moloney

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    This is no ordinary ghost story . . .

    Though it's advertised as a "newly renovated, single family home", 362 Belisle Street feels old - even a bit creepy. But Dan and Rebecca aren't put off. They feel that the place has the potential to be a dream home. Dreams are funny things, though, they can so easily become dark, twisted.

    There seems to be a few things wrong with the new place - doors that stick, unusual stains and shadows on the walls the sound of something being dragged across the floor. And just what has Dan been doing in the room under the stairs?

    Could it be that Rebecca and Dan have discovered the dangers of dreams that come true? Is there something living, unseen, alongside them, feeding off their desires, petty hatreds and jealousies, conjuring terrible, seductive spectres to haunt and tempt them? Does it want them? Does it want them to go - or never leave?

    A chilling tale that echoes the classic ghost stories of old - with a thrilling psychological twist - '362 Belisle St.' is gripping, compelling and unsettling. Exactly what you want in a shiver-down-the-spine read.

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