48 Hours to a Healthier Life

48 Hours to a Healthier Life by Suzi Grant
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Give yourselves a weekend with this book - just 48 waking hours from Friday lunchtime to Monday lunchtime - and it will change your life forever. 48 Hours to a Healthier Life is a system that is both simple and cheap to follow. It shows you have to make some very fundamental changes to diet and lifestyle that should deliver very long term health benefits as well as slimmer thighs. And there will be no water or carrot juice fasts in this book! At the end of the weekend, having completed the system, you should feel lighter, brighter and calmer. But it's not just about a quick 48-hour fix - more a plan for life that can be referred to over and over again.
Publication Date:
09 / 01 / 2003

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