5 Square Low Carb Meals by Monica Lynn
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The 20-Day Makeover Plan With Delicious Recipes For Fast, Healthy Weight Loss And High Energy.

Over the past several decades, Americans have learned that you can lose weight without giving up variety, taste, and colour from your diet. Instead, the trend in diets is to find a long-term way to eat healthily, lose weight and keep it off, and enjoy meals instead of avoiding them. By choosing the right combination of carbs, fat, and protein, the body processes foods more efficiently.

Monica Lynn, founder of 5 Squares, has run a successful delivery service for the past several years using a low-carb, low-fat approach to dining. The company's philosophy is that by eating 5 healthy meals a day, the metabolism runs smoothly and continuously, rather than receiving a load of calories to process at larger meals. 5 Squares eliminates "empty calorie foods" that contain wheat and sugar, in favour of foods that help build lean muscle mass. In '5 Square Meals', Lynn shares six weeks' worth of meals and snacks, lays out the principles of healthy eating on the plan, and helps readers make the switch to a feel-good lifestyle with such tools as shopping lists and food and exercise journal pages.

'5 Square Meals' appeals to anyone who wants to "eat clean" but not go hungry, and brings healthy lifestyle into homes.
Publication Date:
15 / 04 / 2005

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