77 Shadow Street

77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz

15 / 07 / 2012
153 x 234 x 33mm

Old Silas Kinsley is the self-appointed resident-historian of The Pendleton, an imposing building raised by a titan of industry in the Gilded Age of the nineteenth century, now converted into a number of highly desirable condominiums.
He has discovered that there is a cycle of strangeness and tragedy in The Pendleton's past. The original owner became a recluse--and was rumored to be more than half mad--after his wife and two children were kidnapped and never found. The second owner suffered a worse tragedy in 1935, when he was murdered by the butler/house manager, along with his family and all the live-in staff.

Certainly, the eeriness of the place is pervasive: it is full of creepy shadows and unidentifiable sounds. CCTV images show places that can't possibly exist within the confines of the building. And someone--or something--is glimpsed in the courtyard gardens at night.

On the second floor of The Pendleton lives Bailey Hawk, a would-be novelist who is at present a money manager with twenty good clients. He is smitten with neighbour Twyla Trahern, a successful songwriter who works mostly from home. Twyla is the single mother of 8-year-old Winny, a shy dreamer of a boy. They will need each other in the trial to come.

The Pendleton is heading into another of its disturbing cycles. Bad things are about to happen. Terror of epic proportion is about to descend. To survive, the people of The Pendleton must make of their home a fortress. But the enemy is relentless and unearthly ... and as real as death.
This is not a ghost story. It is something scarier by far.
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