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    By: R Brasch

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    An Astonishing Compendium from the Master of Origins, Customs and Beliefs.

    Where does the saying "a bee in your bonnet" come from? What was the name of Lady Godiva's horse? Why do brides wear "something blue"? What's the origin of the term "upper crust"? Why do we throw spilt salt over our left shoulder? What explains the cataclysmic figure 666? Why is the wearing of opals considered unlucky? How did the story of the tooth fairy begin? What's the origin of "spick and span"? Why do men's and women's shirts button on opposite sides?

    What's the origin of boys wearing blue and girls wearing pink? Why do we speak of being "on the horns of a dilemma"? Why do we wind a company up, rather than down? What's the origin of the phrase "in the limelight"? Why is the four-leafed clover considered lucky, and what's its connection with Adam and Eve? Which animals were in the Ark? What's the origin of throwing coins into a well for good luck? Why do birds sing? Did you know that Cinderella's slippers were made of fur, not glass?

    The fascinating answers to over 300 perplexing questions will be found in this entertaining and delightful book.

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