A Drop Of Night

A Drop Of Night by Stefan Bachmann
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134 x 203mm

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Dear Candidate:You are cordially invited to apply for a spot on a carefully selected team of gifted young people. After extensive background checks and recommendations from your mentors and professors, we have found you to be superbly qualified.A subterranean palace dating from the time of the French Revolution has been discovered outside of Paris. The details of this unique archaeological site are strictly confidential. However, if you are interested in further information, please return the enclosed application, together with the completed questionnaire, to our offices. We will be glad to guide you from there.In anticipation, The Sapani Corporation Patient and strong / In time, the cure (This invitation is nontransferable and is to be handled with the utmost discretion. Do not copy or forward.) Qualification Questionnaire (please answer honestly)Do you become nervous during tense or uncertain situationsNoAre you afraid of the darkNoDo you have a history of heart problemsNoDo you love working with new people and have a happy, open personalityHA! NoHave you ever had the ambition to do something no one has done before. . . yes
Publication Date:
19 / 06 / 2017
134 x 203mm

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