A Field Guide To Boys And Girls

A Field Guide To Boys And Girls by Susan Gilbert
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133 x 200mm
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Differences, Similarities, and Cutting-Edge Information Every Parent Needs to Know.

Are boys more active and aggressive? Do young boys have a harder time separating from their mothers? Do girls talk earlier? Are girls better at reading and writing?

This is the only book to answer these common questions and many others, addressing the special needs of boys and girls all in one volume. Susan Gilbert offers a fresh examination, based on the latest research, of the topic of gender development, showing that there are in fact natural differences between boys and girls - and how parents can use this information to raise their children the best way possible (a "Suggestions for Parents" section ends each chapter).

Looking at the stages boys and girls go through from foetal development to adolescence, Susan Gilbert tells parents things about their children they might never have known - for example, that boys cry more frequently, and that girls make more eye contact, eliciting more conversation from parents, a fact that allows girls to speak earlier than boys.

Outlining the differences simply and clearly, Susan Gilbert shows parents how to nurture the areas in boys and girls that may be slower to develop, such as math skills in girls and language skills in boys, and how to deal with the challenges they face as their children grow up.

In talking to a variety of educators, psychologists, and behavioural paediatricians, Susan Gilbert has amassed all the most important current thinking and practices on gender, translating the findings into easy-to-use advice. 'A Field Guide To Boys And Girls' is a vital tool that no parent can afford not to read.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2001
133 x 200mm

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