A History Of British Serial Killing

A History Of British Serial Killing by Martin Fido

01 / 04 / 2003
153 x 234mm

How Britain's Most Famous Serial Killers Were Identified, Caught and Convicted.

- "The First": Jack the Ripper
- Haigh - the Acid Bath Murderer
- Christie - 10 Rillington Place
- The Moors Murderers
- Dennis Nilsen - killing for company?
- Fred and Rosemary West and the "House of Horror"

We have always been fascinated by murder and that fascination only increases when the murderer becomes what we call a "serial killer".

One murder it seems, is a tragedy, but when the body count rises, we view the spectacle with increasing horror and awe, mixed with curiosity: what drives these people to kill, again and again? How are they caught? What evidence leads to their conviction? What devastation do they leave behind them?

Martin Fido explains how a pattern is established, how police procedures are followed or amended, and how the killer is identified, caught and convicted with the help of psychological profiling and forensic evidence.
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