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    A Laura Winslow Mystery: Dragonfly Bones

    By: David Cole

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    In this gripping mystery from David Cole, part-Hopi cyber-sleuth Laura Winslow and her troubled daughter team up to uncover a series of murders and an identity-theft ring inside a local prison.

    Laura Winslow has been estranged from her daughter, Spider, for years. When Spider turns up in a nearby prison, where she's serving a sentence for credit card theft, and agrees to assist the police in uncovering an identity-theft ring in another prison, it appears the mother and daughter may have a chance to reconcile.

    But soon Spider's information leads to the discovery of the ground-up bones of multiple victims in Arizona's Casa Grande Park, a haunting landscape located on Native American land. The two women, who for years had stood on opposite sides of the law, discover that the victims may be former prisoners - inmates who knew too much about what was going on behind the prison walls. Then Spider realises her life may be in serious jeopardy.

    And against a backdrop of nature at its most harsh and deadly, the mother and daughter must face the greed that has seeped from behind bars to the outside world.

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