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    A Little Book Of Cricket

    By: Giles Greaves

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    Every cricketing fan's dream - a pocket guide to the game to cheer you up while your team is losing again! Complete with cartoons, this book combines groan-inducing puns of the British pre-war variety with some more contemporary cricket-speak and occasional quotes.

    - The village cricket team: eleven men and a load of flannel
    - The Bowler's appealing but the umpire's not interested
    - Cricket's the only game where if there's a fire, you try to save the Ashes
    - You can tell a cricketer's answer phone: it always says he's "not out"
    - Dracula is something of an all-rounder - several maidens to his name and an impressive bat
    - "Cricket is basically baseball on valium" - Robin Williams
    - "October's the month when the cricket fan realises their spouse left them in May" - Denis Norden

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