A Love For Life: The Moving Story Of One Couple's Victory Over Cancer

A Love For Life: The Moving Story Of One Couple's Victory Over Cancer by Jane & Glenn McGrath
By: Jane & Glenn McGrath
Date Released
155 x 235mm

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Jane Steele had been in a relationship with Australian Test cricketer Glenn McGrath for less than two years when, at age 31, to her horror and disbelief she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She didn't want to burden him, and offered to end the relationship and return to England to face the problem alone. He wouldn't have a bar of it - he was sticking by her no matter what.

Together they battled the fear, the despair and the cancer. Jane had a mastectomy and then underwent gruelling chemotherapy. Through it all, Glenn was by her side. Together, they beat the cancer. This, and their marriage, would have been happy ending enough but then, despite being told the chemotherapy could make her infertile, Jane discovered she was pregnant. She and Glenn are now the blissful parents of baby James.

The alternating his 'n' hers chapters take you right into the heart of this story. Jane and Glenn write frankly of their fears and worries (including such things as the fact that Jane might not survive, and how each felt about her body after surgery) and inspiringly of their devotion and their dedication to beating the disease. There are surprising laughs throughout the book as well as deeply moving passages.

This is a wonderful celebration of life and love.
Publication Date:
06 / 10 / 2000
155 x 235mm

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