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    A Man About A Dog: Euphemisms And Other Examples Of Verbal Squeamishness

    By: Nigel Rees

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    Rees has ranged far and wde to collect and comment upon this huge selection of euphemisms – those expressions which so inventively display the art of mincing words and which resolutely avoid calling a spade a spade.

    From the politically correct to the highly incorrect, A Man About A Dog goes in ruthless pursuit of the coy, the prudish, the obfuscatory and the blatant reshaping of the truth. So, whether you wish to 'discuss Ugandan affairs' with someone, or have issues with your 'ambient replenishment assistant' when you go shopping or need to work on your 'terminological inexactitude' when you ring in sick to work, this wonderful book will guide, illuminate and entertain along the way.

    (an) ambient replenishment assistant – a shelf stacker in a supermarket

    Celebrity – a person who has appeared in the media for longer than thirty seconds

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