A Random Act by Cindi Broaddus & Kimberly Lohman Suiters
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153 x 234mm

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An Inspiring True Story Of Fighting To Survive And Choosing To Forgive.

The amazing story of Dr. Phil McGraw's beloved sister-in-law, an ordinary woman transformed by tragedy who has become an extraordinary hero for us all.

In 2001, Cindi Broaddus was a passenger in a car driving along a lonely highway on her way toward a much-anticipated vacation. Suddenly, the predawn peace was shattered when an unknown assailant threw a gallon-sized jar full of sulphuric acid off an overpass and through the windshield. Though Broaddus was covered with second - and third-degree burns across her face and body, miraculously she did not die.

Today, she is not only alive and well, but has a positive message of survival and hope to share.

'A Random Act' recounts Broaddus's incredible journey from life-threatening disaster to recovery. Throughout her years-long, often excruciating recuperation - involving numerous reconstructive surgeries, multiple skin grafts, and implanted tissue expanders - this single mother of three has had one goal: to prevent such a terrible crime from happening again.

Although her attacker has never been caught, Broaddus travels far and wide, sharing her story, lobbying for improving highway safety, and offering hope and down-to-earth guidance for other victims of senseless tragedy. For such a random act can happen to anyone, turning one's life upside down in an instant. As compelling as it is important, 'A Random Act' is a must-read tale of tragedy and triumph from a truly remarkable woman.
Publication Date:
02 / 05 / 2005
153 x 234mm

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