A Season In Eden

A Season In Eden by Megan Chance
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104 x 172mm

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To everything there is a season . . .

She was once happy here, in the Yakima Valley that held such promise. But that was before tragedy robbed her life of joy, before that terrible winter destroyed their crop and their future. Now there is nothing but sadness and struggle. So when young Lora Cameron's husband Eli, leaves for the summer to work in a faraway logging camp, she knows it's for the best. There is certainly enough to keep her busy, and for company there is Will Bennet, the man Eli hires to take care of things in his absence.

Really not much more than a boy, Will is like no one Lora has ever met. A drifter, he speaks of a man named Thoreau, makes supper for a woman, and recognises in her a soul in need of solace . . . and perhaps, change. As the summer eases into fall, Will gently teaches Lora how to live and dream again - daring her to reach out to her newly returned husband and rekindle the love she thinks she's lost.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2000
104 x 172mm

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