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    By: Carlos Castaneda

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    This is the second book in Carlos Castaneda's astounding journey into the world of sorcery. At the end of The Teachings of Don Juan Carlos Castaneda described how, after a night of terror, he gave up his struggle to become a Man of Knowledge. But three years later he returned and resumed his apprenticeship with the Yaqui brujo or sorcerer, Don Juan. In a series of funny and moving conversations, interspersed with beautiful and terrifying experiences with peyote, jimson weed and mushrooms, Castaneda continued his attempts to see beyond the surface realities of life. Hallucinogenic drugs were only part of it: it also involved an effort of will; a casting-off of preconceptions; and great courage. A Separate Reality is funny, frightening and enriching, a rare glimpse into an alien philosophy.

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