The Taggerung by Brian Jacques
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109 x 176mm
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Fourteenth in the Tales of Redwall series.

'The clan of Sawney Rath could feel their fortunes changing, much for the better.'

Sawney Rath, ferret chief of the Juska tribe is hatching a plan. His seer has prophesied that a Taggerung has been born, a legendary creature with extraordinary fighting skills - superior to all others in strength, fleetness of foot and stealth. Sawney is determined to hunt the babe down, raise him as his own and bring glory to the Juska clan. But there is more. The seer has seen a hawk strike a dove in the air, their cries giving out a bell-like sound. Sawney demands to know what this omen means. The seer smiles triumphantly. "It means that the Taggerung will be a creature from Redwall Abbey!"

One peaceful summer morning, a big male otter carries his newborn cub through the Mossflower Woods to christen him in the water that runs from the river to the sea. But this is no ordinary babe. In the palm of his right paw is a four-petal mark, like a tiny blossom, which unknown to his family and friends, marks him as a creature apart.

The babe is kidnapped from Redwall by Sawney's ruthless band of villains. The young otter is raised by Sawney Rath as his own son and trained to be a ruthless killer but the Redwall spirit cuts deep and as the Taggerung reaches adolescence he begins to dream of another life . . .

In this tale of deceit, treachery and betrayal - but also adventure, loyalty and courage - the true spirit of Redwall is tested to the full. Brian Jacques weaves myth, legend and high adventure with masterly skill in his thrilling story of goodbeast raised as savage, which will keep his readers enthralled from the first page to the last.
Publication Date:
07 / 06 / 2002
109 x 176mm

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