Theory of Individual Behavior

By: Robert Wichers

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A Theory of Individual Behavior dispels the notion that individuals act as rational agents and strives to capture idiosyncratic humanness through rigorous mathematics. Wichers describes a version of economic behavior that is more comprehensive and satisfying than neoclassical models yet still consistent with the usual aggregated concepts that form the basis of applied microeconomics. Written in an accessible and convincing style, A Theory of Individual Behavior discusses innovative material in a format that encourages classroom use. All chapters have questions at their conclusions, and there is a strong emphasis on testable results. The book contains a short review of mathematical models and discussion of received microeconomic theory, as well as summaries at the ends of chapters and many examples and illustrations.Key Features* Dispels the notion that individuals act as rational agents while capturing idiosyncratic human behavior through rigorous mathematics * Presents an innovative approach to the evolution of microeconomic theory * Promotes advances in behavioral theories in the social sciences, including psychology and sociology * Delivers an accessible style with a strong emphasis on testable results
Publication Date:
26 / 03 / 1997

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