A Working Guide to Process Equipment, Fourth Edition

A Working Guide to Process Equipment, Fourth Edition by Elizabeth Lieberman, Norman Lieberman

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The latest methods for troubleshooting and maintaining process equipment

Applicable to a broad range of technicians and industries and fully updated throughout, A Working Guide to Process Equipment, Fourth Edition, explains how to diagnose, troubleshoot, and correct problems with chemical and petroleum refining process equipment. Nine new chapters cover:

Tray design details

Shell-and-tube heat exchanger design details

Relief valve system design

Vapor lock and exchanger flooding in steam systems

Steam generation operating and design details

Wastewater strippers

Thermodynamics -- how it applies to process equipment

Centrifugal pumps -- reducing seal and bearing failures

Hand calculations for distillation towers

Vapor -- liquid equilibrium, absorption, and stripping calculations

Filled with examples and illustrations, this practical resource demonstrates how theory applies to solving real-world plant operation problems. Selected hand calculation methods are also provided.

Comprehensive coverage includes:

Distillation Tower Trays * Tower Pressure Control * Distillation Towers * Reboilers * Tower Internals * Instruments * Packed Towers * Steam and Condensate Systems * Bubble Point and Dew Point * Steam Strippers * Draw-Off Nozzle Hydraulics * Pumparounds and Tower Heat Flows * Condensers and Tower Pressure Control * Air Coolers * Deaerators and Steam Systems * Steam Generation * Wastewater Strippers * Vacuum Systems * Steam Turbines * Surface Condensers * Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers * Fired Heaters * Refrigeration Systems * Cooling Water Systems * Catalytic Effects * Centrifugal Pumps * Control Valves * Separators * Centrifugal Compressors and Surge * Reciprocating Compressors * Corrosion * Fluid Flow in Pipes * Super-Fractionation Stage * Computer Control * Field Troubleshooting
Publication Date:
28 / 05 / 2014

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