AARP The Other Talk: A Guide to Talking with Your Adult Children about the Rest of Your Life

AARP The Other Talk: A Guide to Talking with Your Adult Children about the Rest of Your Life by Tim Prosch
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A one-of-a-kind practical guide to making the tough decisions parents and their adult children inevitably face

It was a rite of passage for you to have the Talk with your kids about the beginning of life (as in the birds and the bees). As you get older, you need to have the Other Talk--about the later years of life. And you need to have it now, not after a crisis hits.

The Other Talk helps you take control of your life so when the time comes, your kids can make decisions based on what you want. This groundbreaking guide provides the practical advice and inspiration you need to have open, honest discussions about subjects that can be difficult to talk about.

Unlike other books that help adult children who are suddenly thrust into a decision-making role, The Other Talk gives you the tools to develop a strong partnership with your kids to plan for the rest of your life.

Who will manage your finances and how will you budget for unknown needs?

Where can your children find important documents they will need to help?

Where will you live if you need assistance?

What type of medical treatments do you want--and not want--and who will advocate for your needs?

The Other Talk helps you address and answer these and other questions in a calm, measured way--freeing you up to enjoy your life and your family.

Praise for AARP The Other Talk

“Useful in framing the conversation that you need to stop avoiding or putting off for another day.”

Washington Post

“This book walks the reader through how to start this important conversation and provides actionable information that ultimately serves to free families to focus on getting the most out of the rest of their time together."

Journal of Financial Planning

“Midlife couples should take steps to seamlessly shift money responsibilities to their kids when the time comes. Here’s how.”

NPR’s Next Avenue
Publication Date:
03 / 09 / 2013

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