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Accounting and Financial Management by Peter Harris

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Accounting and Financial Management: developments in the international hospitality industry presents new and innovative research and developments in the field of accounting and financial management as it relates to the work of managing enterprises and organisations in the international hospitality industry. The content contains contributions from a rich source of international researchers, academics and practitioners including, university and college lecturers, professional accountants and consultants and senior managers involved in a wide range of teaching, scholarship, research, and consultancy in the hospitality industry worldwide. The material is drawn from their work and experience and relates directly to the management of hospitality undertakings. Therefore the up to date case studies and examples used are taken from a wide ranging of companies across the industry including large international chains such as Sheraton, Holiday Inn, and Intercontinental. Divided into three parts: Performance Management, Information Management and Asset Management the book tackles the following issues amongst others:* Performance management in the international hospitality industry* Benchmarking: measuring financial success* The profit planning framework* Making room rate pricing decisions* Hotel asset management UK and US perspectives* Lowering risk to enhance hospitality firm valueAccounting and Financial Management: developments in the international hospitality industry presents current developments drawn from a combination of live fieldwork and practical experience and therefore will content will appeal to a wide-ranging readership including practising managers and financial controllers in hospitality organisations, professional accountants and consultants, postgraduate candidates studying for master's degrees in hospitality management, and final year undergraduate students of hospitality management who elect to take an accounting option.* Presents current developments in the field from a combination of practical experience and live fieldwork. * Contains contributions from a rich source of international academic and practitioners.* Uses international case studies to explore and contextualise including Sheraton, Holiday Inn, and Intercontinental.
Publication Date:
10 / 04 / 2006

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