Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays

Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays by Willem den Boer

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Active matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCDs) are the preferred choice when thin, low power, high quality, and lightweight flat panel displays are required. Here is the definitive guide to the theory and applications of AMLCDs.Contemporary portable communication and computing devices need high image quality, light weight, thin, and low power flat panel displays. The answer to this need is the color active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD). The rides of AMLCD technology over less than two decades to undisputed dominance as a flat panel display has been breathtaking, and designers of portable devices need a thorough understanding of the theory and applications of AMLCDs. Willem den Boer, a holder of over 30 patents in imaging technologies, has created this guide to AMLCD theory, operating principles, addressing methods, driver circuits, application circuits, and alternate flat display technologies (including active matrix flat panel image sensors). Numerous design and applications examples illustrate key points and make them relevant to real-world engineering tasks. Need more information on Mobile Displays, go to:* Systematically discusses the principles of liquid crystal displays and active matrix addressing.* Describes methods of enhancing AMLCD image quality.* Extensive coverage of AMLCD manufacturing techniques.* Thorough examination of performance characteristics and specifications of AMLCDs.
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15 / 03 / 2011

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