Adele by Emma Tennant
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Jane Eyre's hidden story.

'Adele' opens as the title character describes her childhood in Paris, her reluctant arrival at Thornfield Hall, and her discovery of the secret life of the house. Not at all happy to be living with le Monsieur de Rochester and missing her mother terribly, Adele runs away to Paris, obsessively searching for her mother, the Parisian actress Celine Varens.

However, Paris has become another version of imprisonment, as the new manager of the Theatre de Funambules is a ruthless exploiter of young girls who willingly takes Adele under his wing to become a rope-dancer, promising all the while to help her find her mother.

Putting together hints and whispers from her mother's friends from the past, Adele starts to realise that Celine may now, in fact, be dead. Deciding to visit Pere Lachaise, the famed Parisian cemetery, Adele comes across a tall, dark figure crouched before a tombstone.

It is Edward Rochester, who has come to Paris to try to rescue Adele from any trouble she may be in, in an effort to ease his conscience and guilt. It has been several years since she left Thornfield Hall, and although he always claimed that he was never her father, with Jane's convincing Rochester has come to Paris to make peace with the spirit of Celine, and with Adele.

This is a beautifully written sequel that captures the era and spirit in which 'Jane Eyre' was first written by Charlotte Bronte and gives fans a chance to revisit these romantically compelling characters we love so much.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2004
129 x 198mm

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