Administrative Law

Administrative Law by Peter Cane
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Administrative Law provides a sophisticated but highly accessible account of a complex area of law of great contemporary relevance and increasing importance.Written in a clear and flowing style, the text has been radically reorganized and extensively rewritten to present administrative law as a framework for public administration. After an exploration of the nature, province, and sources of administrative law as well as the concept of administrative justice, the book briefly discusses the institutional framework of public administration. The second part of the book deals with the normative framework of public administration, starting with a generaldiscussion of administrative tasks and functions and then examining in some detail norms relating to administrative procedure and openness, decision-makers reasoning processes and the substance of administrative decisions. The next topic is the private law framework provided by the law of tort,contract, and restitution. The third part of the book provides an account of institutions and mechanisms of accountability by which the framework of public administration is policed and enforced: judicial review and appeals by courts and tribunals, bureaucratic and parliamentary oversight, and investigations by ombudsmen. This part ends by considering how these various mechanisms fit into the administrative justice system. The final part of the book explores the functions of administrative lawand its impact on administration.
Publication Date:
07 / 07 / 2011

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