Advanced Natural Gas Engineering

Advanced Natural Gas Engineering by Xiuli Wang

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Natural gas is playing an increasing role in meeting world energy demands because of its abundance,versatility, and its clean burning nature. As a result, lots of new gas exploration, field development andproduction activities are under way, especially in places where natural gas until recently was labeled as"stranded Because a significant portion of natural gas reserves worldwide are located across bodies ofwater, gas transportation in the form of LNG or CNG becomes an issue as well. Finally natural gas is viewedin comparison to the recently touted alternatives. Therefore, there is a need to have a book covering all theunique aspects and challenges related to natural gas from the upstream to midstream and downstream. Allthese new issues have not been addressed in depth in any existing book. To bridge the gap, Xiuli Wang andMichael Economides have written a new book called Advanced Natural Gas Engineering. This book will serveas a reference for all engineers and professionals in the energy business. It can also be a textbook for studentsin petroleum and chemical engineering curricula and in training departments for a large group of companies.
Publication Date:
25 / 11 / 2013

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