Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics

By: Peter W. Hawkes

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The subjects reviewed in the 'Advances' series cover a broad range of themes including microscopy, electromagnetic fields and image coding. Volume 128 concentrates on regularization, a vital aspect of restoration on low voltage scanning electron microscopy.This Book looks at theory and it's application in a practical sense, with a full account of the methods used and realistic detailed application. The authors do this by examining the latest developments, historic illustrations and mathematical fundamentals of the exciting developments in imaging and applying them to realistic practical situationsThe text bridges the gap between academic researchers and R&D designers by addressing and solving daily issues, which makes this book essential reading.* Emphasizes broad and in depth article collaborations between world-renowned scientists in the field of image and electron physics* Presents theory and it's application in a practical sense, providing long awaited solutions and new findings* Bridges the gap between academic researchers and practitioners in industry
Publication Date:
02 / 12 / 2003

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