Advances in Porous Media

Advances in Porous Media by M.Y. Corapcioglu

By: M.Y. Corapcioglu

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Advances in Porous Media, Volume 3 presents in-depth review papers that give a comprehensive coverage of the field of transport in porous media. This is the third volume in the series which treats transport phenomena in porous media as an interdisciplinary topic.The objective of each chapter is to review the work done on a specific topic including theoretical, numerical as well as experimental studies. All contributors are from a variety of backgrounds, such as civil and environmental engineering, earth and environmental sciences. The articles are aimed at scientists and engineers from various fields who are concerned with the fundamentals and applications of processes in porous media.Advances in Porous Media, Volume 3 is a valuable source of information for both researchers in the field and those working in other related disciplines.
Publication Date:
06 / 12 / 1996

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