Age Smart by Jeffrey Rosensweig

By: Jeffrey Rosensweig

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Americans are embracing an entirely new way of aging: one thats based on staying productive, staying active, and staying young in body and mind. Jeffrey A. Rosensweig and Betty Liu share strategies for bringing together all the elements of a long, happy, fulfilling, connected life. Starting today, youll learn how to take advantage of the latest sciences of health and longevity... leverage todays most powerful techniques for protecting your financial security... find or keep the work you love... pursue a path to deepen your own personal spirituality, whatever form it may take. No Pink Pants is packed with easy-to-use tips and guidelines for everything from your portfolio to your medical insurance. The heart of the book: intimate interviews with individuals celebrated for what theyve learned about getting better with age: powerful role models ranging from Jimmy Carter to Helen Gurley Brown, Robert Mondavi to C. Everett Koop. Learn from their experiences; then use this books easy worksheets to take control of your own future!
Publication Date:
28 / 03 / 2011

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