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    By: Joan Sauers

    Date Released
    176 x 119mm

    Out of Print

    A funny, wise guide to growing old . . . and loving it!

    Joan Sauers has come up with more than 300 indispensable tips for women who are 35 and over. The list includes reminders to do all the FUN stuff, from drinking champagne to climbing a tree (though not in that order!) and equally important, reminders not to do the dumb stuff, like sleep with your sister's husband. Or date royalty. Or even worse, sleep with your sister's husband the prince.

    The book is light, bright and fun, perfect for A Woman of a Certain Age to flip through with one hand while holding her cocktail in the other and enjoying an expert massage from a Nobel Prize-winning Liam Neeson lookalike. Of course it's also the perfect size for flipping through while you're juggling a toddler, two grocery bags and the car keys, but, in the spirit of Joan Sauers, let's enjoy the fantasy, shall we?
    Publication Date:
    07 / 04 / 2000
    176 x 119mm

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