Ajax: The Complete Reference

Ajax: The Complete Reference by Thomas Powell
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The Definitive Guide to Ajax Web Application Development

Evolve from the click-and-wait programming pattern to the latest Web 2.0 paradigm using this comprehensive guide to Ajax. Written by Web development expert Thomas Powell, the book lays out every feature of Ajax alongside detailed explanations and real-world code examples.

Ajax: The Complete Reference explains how to create and test Ajax-enabled Web applications using the XMLHttpRequest object as well as alternative JavaScript-based communication mechanisms. You'll explore a variety of sample applications featuring emerging user-interface conventions and build applications that address real-world networking and security issues. A robust communication library is developed throughout the book that enables you to architect flexible Ajax applications. The latest technologies such as Web services, Flash-Ajax integration, client-side templates, Comet, and Offline Access are also covered. Discover the future of Web development today!

Work with traditional JavaScript communication approaches like iframes

Explore all the quirks and details in the XMLHttpRequest object

Handle disparate data formats, including XML, JSON, CSV, YAML, and more

Deal with networking issues, including timeouts, retries, response ordering, and a variety of server and content errors

Simplify JavaScript programming using open-source Ajax libraries like YUI

Secure Ajax applications using authentication, obfuscation, and encryption

Implement common Ajax UI patterns such as auto suggest, click-to-edit, and drag-and-drop

Solve troubling Ajax architecture problems, including back button, history, and bookmarking issues

Learn Ajax's role in Web 2.0 and Web services

Explore push style communication using Comet and Flash

Discover the future of offline Web application access and operation
Publication Date:
21 / 02 / 2008

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