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    Alamein: The Turning Point of World War Two

    By: Iain Gale

    Date Released
    153 x 234mm

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    The Battle of El Alamein was Churchill's 'end of the beginning' of the Second World War. Until this point in 1942‚ the Allies were struggling against the might of the German army and the assembled Axis powers. The war looked hopeless.

    But the battle of El Alamein would change everything. A bloody‚ messy battle‚ it would cost the lives of 70‚000 men. But it was a battle where the Allied forces‚ made up of British‚ Australian‚ New Zealander‚ South African and Indian troops‚ fought to the very end in a furious attack on the enemy. It was a decisive victory. Indeed‚ Churchill stated that 'Before Alamein‚ we had no victory and after it we had no defeats.'

    In this novel‚ Iain Gale takes the battle from the viewpoints of several men and brings to life the battle which was to become the turning point of the Second World War.
    Publication Date:
    01 / 09 / 2009
    153 x 234mm

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