All About Dividend Investing, Second Edition

All About Dividend Investing, Second Edition by Don Schreiber, Gary Stroik

By: Don Schreiber, Gary Stroik

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The safe, profitable alternative to a losing bet

While many of us were learning the hard way that a buy-and-hope strategy is bound to fail, Don Schreiber, Jr., and Gary E. Stroik were busy updating All About Dividend Investing--the proven answer to a highly flawed, totally outdated, but all-too-common investing approach.

This back-to-basics book argues that dividend-paying stocks, not growth stocks, form the best foundation for any portfolio. Used strategically, dividends are your best bet for safe, profitable investing. Why? Three simple facts: Dividends are low risk. Dividends work in bull markets. Dividends work in bear markets. Whether you're a veteran investor or a beginner, All About Dividend Investing, Second Edition, provides the facts you need about:

Tax advantages of dividend-paying stocks

Dividend ratios and other key stock information

Dividend portfolio design

Managing risk and protecting gains

Dividend-based mutual funds and ETFs

Current historical analyses of market cycles
Publication Date:
03 / 11 / 2010

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