All About Market Timing, Second Edition

All About Market Timing, Second Edition by Leslie Masonson
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Use market timing to generate positive returns—with lower volatility!

Events of the past decade have proven beyond doubt that buy-and-hold strategies don’t work in bear markets. Market timing, however, is extraordinarily effective in declining markets—and it provides positive returns in bull markets, as well.

All About Market Timing, Second Edition, offers easy-to-use market-timing strategies you can weave into your investment approach. And it’s not as complex as you may think. In no time, you’ll master the skills you need to maximize profits while minimizing risk—no matter what direction the market takes. Devoid of the incomprehensible jargon and complex theories of other books, All About Market Timing covers:

The five most profitable strategies for timing the market

The best market-timing resources available today, from newsletters to Web sites to advisors

Four indicators for determining the market’s health

Techniques for timing even the most bearish of markets
Publication Date:
12 / 04 / 2011

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