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    Always In The Kitchen At Parties

    By: Leil Lowndes

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    101 Ways To Go From Shy To Confident

    Written with insight, humour and empathy, Leil Lowdnes reaches out to anybody who gets jumpy in social situations and offers clear guidance on becoming a social success in the most gruelling of situations. Even better, she’ll turn dread into enjoyment.

    Leil covers a wide range of scenarios including:

    - New Friend Fidgety – Uneasiness when meeting new people
    - Phone Phobia – Hesitant to answer or talk on the phone
    - Party Panic – Anxiety at gatherings
    - Job Jumpy – Fear of job interviews and shyness at work
    - Cold Sweat Stage Fright – Panic when people are watching
    - Presentation Paralyzed – Petrified at making a speech
    - Boss Bashful – Speechless around superiors

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