American Conception of Neutrality after 1941

American Conception of Neutrality after 1941 by J. Gabriel

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The American Conception of Neutrality After 1941 by Jurg Martin Gabriel, is a study of global political history since 1941 with a particular emphasis on America's attitude to neutrality. This important revised and updated edition contains three entirely new chapters including an insightful new introduction and conclusion, drawing on newly released documentation, most importantly on Southeast Asia and the Vietnam War. Like the previous edition, this book looks at world affairs through the eyes of neutrality. It covers, amongst other issues, America's contribution to the decline of world-neutrality, the major economic and military events surrounding the Second World War, the founding of NATO and the problems of neutralism during the Vietnam War. This new edition, however, goes one step further to confirm, with fresh new evidence, e.g. the end of the Cold War and the Unification of Germany, the central thesis of the original volume. American foreign policy is an important topic of continuing interest.
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09 / 07 / 2002

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