American Institute of Parliamentarians Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure

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The classic guide to meeting procedure—updated to meet the needs of today’s organizations

For more than 60 years, American Institute of Parliamentarians Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure (formerly, the Sturgis Standard Code) has been helping meeting organizers and participants ensure fairness and justice on a consistent basis. This updated edition provides important new motions and protocols pertaining to electronic meetings, discipline, and finance and audit committees.

“The Standard Code lays out the rules in a clear, concise, and readable format for all to use.”

—former U.S. Senator Don Nickles

“Meeting rules can be abstruse, even to the point of frustration to the average member in an organization. The Standard Code promises to keep the rules simple and understandable—and has delivered on its promise for more than sixty years.”

—Robert Dove, Parliamentarian Emeritus of the United States Senate

“Takes uncommon terminology and puts it in everyday terms for more clarity in meetings. The Standard Code is an important addition to any parliamentary library.”

—Ronald R. Stinson, NAP President 2009-2011

“The meeting-attendee who picks this book up will not only become proficient in the use of the meeting rules, but will also learn the important democratic principles behind the rules.”

—Congressman Mike Simpson (Idaho)

“Comprehensive and easily understandable.”

—Perry Opin, D.D.S., M.Sc.D., Speaker of the House of Delegates of the Connecticut State Dental Association
Publication Date:
03 / 05 / 2012

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