Amp Your MySpace Page by Eric Butow, Michael Bellomo
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Let The World Know What You're All About!Don't settle for the basics! Create a page that makes an impact, reflects who you really are, and generates a buzz. Amp Your MySpace Page shows you how to create backgrounds, incorporate graphics and custom fonts, and include animation, audio, video, and blogs. Discover effective ways to promote yourself and your career, events, music, art, writing, film, and more. Millions of MySpace users are waiting for you-unleash your full potential online.

Customize your page to make it uniquely your own

Animate your profile with Flash-add marquees, GIFs, and movies

Dazzle your friends with music, audio, and video

Find and use awesome third-party design templates and plug-ins

Add blogs and podcasts-let them hear your voice

Grow your circle of friends into an online community

Create your own MySpace groups

Promote your music, films, and other creations without spending a fortune on marketing

Use MySpace classifieds to sell your stuff, find a job, and much more
Publication Date:
25 / 09 / 2007

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