An Englishman Abroad: Beckham's Spanish Adventure

An Englishman Abroad: Beckham's Spanish Adventure by Phil Ball
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The latest act of David Beckham's career, played out on foreign fields, has outshone all previous drama: His falling out with Ferguson and leaving Old Trafford; the bitter power struggle for his signature between Barca and Real; the hype of his inauguration and medical (watched by a live TV audience of 2 billion); the star-studded tour of the Far East; the behind the scenes politics of marketing and spin and accusations that he was being bought not to play but to sell shirts, and silencing his critics with performances on the pitch that have made him the fulcrum of Real's 'Galacticos' and the darling of the Spanish media.

This is the story of that season finally told in full through Spanish eyes - the players, agents, pundits and ordinary fans - by a man who was there as it happened.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2004

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