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    Ancient Egyptians: The Kingdom Of The Pharaohs Brought To Life - TV Tie-In

    By: Anton Gill

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    Enter the world of the Ancient Egyptians with the biggest international multimedia event of 2003. This extraordinary book reflects a dramatic, enthralling and hi-tech series revealing what life was really like in Ancient Egypt.

    The combination of drama, graphics and cutting-edge research is reflected in this beautiful book with original CGI images created specially for the book, bringing Ancient Egypt to life as never before . . .

    As well as forming the ultimate, stand-alone guide to Ancient Egypt, the book also focuses on four very specific stories that give a full flavour of what daily life was like then. It also goes behind the scenes to show how the series was made, and what new revelations about Ancient Egypt came to light through this.

    Full colour spreads depict the 137 sets and locations (comparable to any TV drama or even feature film) and reflect the scope of the production - including the 200 extras and over 1,000 costumes that were used. Includes 300 integrated illustrations with maps and timelines.

    This is a book that informs and entertains in equal measure, with its unique combination of up-to-date evidence on the details of life and death in ancient Egypt and vivid snapshots of real individuals' life-stories (sticking closely to the surviving ancient texts).

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