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    Aphrodite's Smile


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    A romantic thriller set on the beautiful Greek island of Ithaca.

    Troubled hearts, deadly secrets . . .

    Nobody is particularly surprised when Professor French makes an announcement one night in the bar. He's a notorious drinker and he's always claiming to have found something to restore his tarnished reputation in the world of archaeology. When he thinks he's been followed home and has a heart attack, everyone is sceptical.

    His son, Robert, comes to Ithaca to try to rebuild their relationship, but maybe he should be trying to improve relations with his wife just as urgently. When tragedy strikes she follows Robert - only to become involved with something potentially altogether more sinister.

    Was Professor French onto something after all, and will Robert and his wife ever be able to put the pieces together? The solution may lie in events within living memory, from the German occupation during World War II; or it may come from much more ancient times . . .

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