A&R Classics: The Giraffe's Uncle

A&R Classics: The Giraffe's Uncle by Les Robinson
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129 x 198mm

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A unique collection of madcap stories from one of Australia's most eccentric writers.

'The Giraffe's Uncle' is Les Robinson's most unerringly brilliant but least-known work - a collection of stories at once absurd and surreal, hilarious and tantalising. They evidence a mind brimming with ideas and schemes and a mischievous talent.First published in 1933, the stories are strange and dreamlike, full of talking animals and weird transformations, set in landscapes which are curiously impermanent and slightly sinister . . .A man finds himself trapped within the hard shell of a flea, which goes on to feast on his own sleeping body. Inoculated against smallpox by his scientifically-minded friend, a man turns into a horse. An office worker realises the accountant who torments him is actually a gorilla. Another office worker, forced to sit in front of a window with the sun blazing in on him, goes slowly mad.Full of paradox and gleeful wordplay, Les Robinson's stories owe something to Lewis Carroll, whilst looking forward to Dr Seuss and Monty Python. Wry, intelligent and deeply odd, they represent a tiny, vibrant footnote in 20th century Australian literature.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2013
129 x 198mm

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