Art of Multiprocessor Programming

Art of Multiprocessor Programming by Nir Shavit

By: Nir Shavit

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The Art of Multiprocessor Programming promises to be the first comprehensive presentation of the principles and tools available for programming multiprocessor machines. As the computer industry changes from single-processor to multiprocessor architectures, this revolution requires a fundamental change in how programs are written. To leverage the performance and power of multiprocessor programming, also known as multicore programming, programmers need to learn the new principles, algorithms, and tools. The book will be of immediate use to programmers working with the new architectures. For example, the next generation of computer game consoles will all be multiprocessor-based, and the game industry is currently struggling to understand how to address the programming challenges presented by these machines. This change in the industry is so fundamental that it is certain to require a significant response by universities, and courses on multicore programming will become a staple of computer science curriculums. This book includes fully-developed Java examples detailing data structures, synchronization techniques, transactional memory, and more. Students in multiprocessor and multicore programming courses and engineers working with multiprocessor and multicore systems will find this book quite useful. The book on multicore programming, the new paradigm of computer scienceWritten by the world's most revered experts in multiprocessor programming and performanceIncludes examples, models, exercises, PowerPoint slides, and sample Java programs
Publication Date:
29 / 08 / 2011

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