Ash Wednesday - Cassette

Ash Wednesday - Cassette by Ethan Hawke
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141 x 108mm
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Jimmy Heartsock is so afraid of losing his love Christy, he is going AWOL from the army and chasing after her in order to propose marriage - if it isn't too late - in a frozen car park. Christy is terrified, no so much that she's going to have a baby, but because if she takes on Jimmy Heartsock, she may end up with two.

How does anyone ever make it down the aisle? Can Jimmy stop looking vainly at mirrors, taking recreational drugs, or blaming his father for committing suicide? Can Christy stop feeling that their destiny together will bread each other's hearts, that there is a glass wall between her and the world and that her Texan politician father could avert any calamity - if only she deserved it? Are they a couple so afraid of falling, it would be easier to jump? Will they, won't they, messing this thing up?

As the unforgettable lovers drive across America, confronting family history, personal hang-ups and questions they've never even asked each other before - about faith, death and learning how to live - the listener is caught up in a sensationally moving, funny, and nail-biting drama of love in out time.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2002
141 x 108mm

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