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    1. Introduction: The art of precise epistemology
    Stephen Hetherington
    Part A. Epistemology as scientific?
    2. A problem about epistemic dependence
    Tim Oakley
    3. Accounting for commitments: A priori knowledge, ontology, and logical entailments
    Michaelis Michael
    4. Epistemic bootstrapping
    Peter Forrest
    5. More praise for Moore’s proof
    Roger White
    6. Lotteries and the Close Shave principle
    John Collins
    7. Skepticism, self-knowledge, and responsibility
    David Macarthur
    8. A reasonable contextualism (or, Austin reprised)
    A. B. Dickerson
    9. Questioning contextualism
    Brian Weatherson
    Part B. Understanding knowledge?
    10. Truthmaking and the Gettier problem
    Adrian Heathcote
    11. Is knowing having the right to be sure?
    André Gallois
    12. Knowledge by intention? On the possibility of agent’s knowledge
    Anne Newstead
    13. Gettier’s theorem
    John Bigelow
    14. Knowledge that works: A tale of two conceptual models
    Stephen Hetherington

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