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"But no matter how far or wide I roam, I still call Australia home" - Peter Allen

Australia, as we know it to be today, is a relatively young country, founded on just over 200 years of history - and we have much to tell. From the first arrival of Captain James Cook during the peak of European exploration, Australia has rapidly become a multicultural nation, formed and created from all nationalities around the globe.

Are you interested in the in the history of the arrival of Europeans? Rob Mundle's book First Fleet gives you an insight into how Captain Arthur Phillip, in 1788, commanded an armada of eleven ships carrying over 1400 convict men, women and children to the other side of the world, to begin a new settlement in what we know as Sydney. If you are looking for something about the people who would help form Australia in this new colony, David Hill's book 1788: The Brutal Truth highlights the struggles and hardship these settlers had to face when coming to this new land that was extremely different from their own.

Another book that will spark your interest is Aboriginal Australians: A History Since 1788 by Richard Broome, who delves into Australia's history through the eyes of our Indigneous Australians, from the first arrival of Europeans, to modern generations today.

One of our most famous Australian outlaws, Ned Kelly, always interests history buffs. All Australians have heard his name, and the debate still continues on whether he was just a ruthless thug, or our very own Robin Hood. Ned Kelly by Peter Fitzsimons brings to life the myths, legends, and history of this infamous Australian character.

If politics is what you fancy, we have a wide range of political books that follow the two major parties of our nation, the Coalition and the Australian Labor Party. From Malcolm Turnbull, to Bill Shorten, to past Prime Ministers and minor parties, we always have books that follow political times in Australia, past and present.

Maybe you are looking for a gift idea, we have a wide range of Australian pictorial books you can share with family and friends overseas, and at home. Steve Parish's A Souvenir of Australia contains photographs that capture the beauty of Australia through landmarks, cities and the sunburnt country-side. Or, perhaps you are wanting something amusing, why not try A-Z Aussie Slang Dictionary: The 'True Blue' A-Z Dictionary by Elly Cridland to make you and you're friends laugh.

For all books Australian, pop into one of our stores or browse online at home, we are sure we have what you're looking for!