Australian Broadcast Journalism by Gail Phillips & Mia Lindgren
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166 x 235 x 20mm

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This book combines theory and practice to provide students with the knowledge required to work in a changing media landscape. The third edition has been extensively updated to provide a current overview of the industry with a focus on social media and citizen journalism, and includes up-to-date coverage of media regulation and legal issues. This is a practical guide to broadcast journalism. It focuses on the skills journalists need to succeed and looks at how these skills are applied in the different broadcast media. Throughout the book, it explores how to adapt traditional skills into the online journalism sphere. It introduces students to broadcast journalism by exposing them to the thoughts and experiences of practicing journalists across all the broadcast media - radio, television and the Web. The book focuses specifically on skills for broadcast media in Australia and is relevant not just for any budding journalist wanting a career in radio and television news, current affairs, and talkback radio, but for any journalist now required to prepare audio and video content for their website. The core journalism skills of information gathering, and the technical skills required to record, edit and present that material compellingly in any medium are essential for the practice of journalism. Today's journalists are expected to be skilled across all media and platforms and the book prepares students to work in the changing media landscape of our time.
Publication Date:
19 / 01 / 2006
166 x 235 x 20mm

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